Handbell Workshops

Up And Coming Workshops

Sunday 14th September
Clifton Village from 13:00 – 14:00
The team are providing a workshop as part of the Clifton Village Scarecrow Festival, come along and see what ringing is all about!
More details here:- http://www.cliftonvillagecommunity.org.uk/scarecrow..html

Saturday 20th September
Brighouse Arts Festival from 14:00 – 16:00
The team are providing a workshop as part of Brighouse Arts Festival, come along to the Salvation Army building Brighouse from 14:00
More details here:- http://www.brighousefestival.co.uk/uncategorized/workshop-the-clifton-handbell-ringers/

Horbury Methodist Church Concert

Saturday 5th April, saw the Village team in concert again, this time we were back with our friends at Horbury Methodist Church.  We performed a full repertoire of 14 songs including 2 new songs which had their first public performance.
The team were well received as usual, and we thank everyone who made it possible.

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Thursday 9th January was just a normal day for the team members of Clifton (Village) Hand-Bell Ringers, until mid-morning, when the members of the team received a text message from Peter Fawcett, asking if would be possible for members to attend this evening’s practise in uniform, as he had a local reporter attending to take some photos.

Lunchtime came and another text again from Peter saying the reporter was coming from Look North and actually they were going to do some filming, not take some still photos and the reporter would hopefully be TV presenter Harry Gration from BBC’s Look North.

We all arrived in uniform at the Bell Room, and proceeded to set the Bells up in the Church its’ self rather than down in choir vestry as it would look much better if we were going to be on TV! The bells were set-up and talk came of if it would really be Harry of just a junior reporter.  Peter assured us that he was told it would be Harry and so we warmed the Bells up and started a bit of a practise to try and work out which bots were going to play.  One of the members originally wasn’t coming to the practise as they had a family party but they turned up.

Whilst we were working out what we were going to play, the camera man turned up and started un-packing his gear ready, and another comment came out across the table “If Harry Gration turns up I will eat that piano” we all chuckled and the comment helped everyone get focussed for the task ahead, whilst having a final run through you would never believe it, but Harry Gration walked in, and we all have a little chuckle based on the previous comment.

He introduced his self and the team were ready for the filming to take place.  We quickly went through the pieces we had prepared and we made our choice.  Harry wanted to be part of the ringing, so we filmed the last part of Teddy Bear’s picnic with Harry joining I on the last note! It went down very well, and then Harry proceeded to perform a couple of interviews with team members and then he left, as he had to be back in Leeds to present again later that evening.

The cameraman took some arty shots, of close-ups of the bells, and team members whilst we played through the last few bars of Pirates of the Caribbean, after about 30 mins and about 10 times he had all the footage he needed, and he explained that the piece should be run on tomorrow (Friday’s) evening edition of Look North.

Friday came, and the piece was actually ready and it ran on the Lunch Time edition first which aired on the BBC at approx. 13:00, followed by a second airing on the evening edition at 19:30.

I must say a big thanks to everyone involved, from Peter for getting the BBC involved, to the Church for use of the Church at such short notice and to the team for coming along and giving the BBC what they needed.

For those who haven’t seen the final video a copy is available on the CHBR web site http://www.chbr.co.uk


CHBR Local News Article

The Clifton Handbell Ringers along with Ringing for Gold’s author Peter Fawcett, should hopefully be featured on the West Yorkshire Local News programme Look North tomorrow evening (Friday 10/01/2014).

The news article arranged by Peter is to try and publicise Handbell Ringing, across and the county and features interviews with presenter Harry Gration and some ringing from the team.  Make sure you catch Look North tomorrow from 18:30.


The Team Pictured with BBC Look North Presenter Harry Gration

Confirmed Bookings 2013 -2014

Clifton Village (Concert) Team

  • Monday 2nd DEC 2013 – Private Function Ilkley Town Hall.
  • Saturday 21st DEC 2013 – Joint Concert with Marsh Ladies @ Brighouse Central Methodist Church 19:15 start.
  • Saturday 1st FEB 2014 – Salendine Nook Church Huddersfield 19:30 start.
  • Saturday 5th APR 2014 – Horbury Methodist Church 19:30 start.
  • Wednesday 3rd DEC 2014 – Private function Fixby WI at Fixby Golf Club.
  • Saturday 6th DEC 2014 – Joint concert with Stannington Brass Band at Stannington (Sheffield) start 19:30.

Clifton Senior Team (In Hand Ringing)

  • 7th DEC 2013 – Batley Town Hall
  • 15th DEC 2013 – Greenhead Masons

Clifton Village Team Concerts

The Village team will be performing in two concerts during April & May 2013

The first in on Saturday 26th April & the Second Wednesday 1st May, we will try and get some further video and photos to ensure the site is kept up to date, wouldn’t want anyone to think the stuff on here was getting old! 🙂

Stannington Brass Band Concert

Saturday 1st December saw the Village Ringers pack the kit up and travel down the M1 to Sheffield to join the Stannington Brass Band in their Christmas Concert Celebration.
We had an excellent evening, the bells were greatly received and everyone passed comment on the sound they made!

Thanks to everyone who made it possible, and thanks again to Stannington for having us!

More info on Stannington Brass Band can be found here.

Clifton’s Youngest Ringer?

Olivia Eve Holroyd, Born 9 days ago on Tuesday 4th September 2012 is now the youngest ringer in the Clifton Team.  Olivia Daughter of Rebecca & Michael Holroyd who are already members of the team brought Olivia to the weekly Clifton practice, and couldn’t hesitate to give Olivia a bell to hold.

Concert Bookings – Village Team

Please find details of the up and coming concert bookings for the Clifton Village team:-

  • Friday 28th September 2012 – Shelly Church Ringing for Gold Book Launch
  • Saturday 29th September 2012 – North East Region Autumn Rally – Keighley
  • Saturday 1st December 2012 – Christmas Concert with Stannington Brass Band Sheffield.